Venobis Energetic Cream Sensitive Intense, 50ml

16,50  keine Ust.gem.§ 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UstG

For dry skin and sensitive skin.
BDIH certified

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For dry skin and sensitive skin.

Due to the specially selected, highly effective ingredients and the absence of allergenic substances, an excellent regenerating and soothing effect can be observed with regular use, especially on sensitive, irritated and allergic skin.

As the cream supports the skin’s regeneration processes, Sensitive Intense Energetic Cream is particularly suitable as night care.


Calendula, calendula oil, horsetail, ivy and verbena.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the formation of granulation tissue and thus wound healing. It is used externally for skin inflammations, poorly healing wounds, bruises, boils and rashes as well as burns for rapid pain relief and acceleration of almost scarless healing. Due to the absence of sesquiterpene lactones, irritative or allergic reactions are rare compared to other representatives of the composites.

Is used for rheumatism, inflammation, kidney ailments, urinary problems. According to Kneipp, horsetails have a very astringent power; they cleanse the blood, stomach, kidneys and bladder, but also have an external cleansing and healing effect on rashes and wounds.