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  • Eubiona Styling Gel, 125ml


    lime extract-caffeine – waterproof, perfect and natural fixation You get both, hair care and styling all in one! Lime extract provides moisture for stressed ends as well. Caffeine leaves your hair with more resilience and the roots are vitalized. Application: Spread in damp or dry hair and style. Ingredients: water hydroalcoholic of lime*, orange blossom…

  • Eubiona Volume Styling Mousse, 150ml


    The ideal product to give your hair more volume and to have a hair style that does not move. Mint hydrolate is naturally firming and stabilising and so your hair has more volume and is easy to style. Moisturising pomegranate provides hair care and protects from drying out. Application: Spread the mousse through your hair,…

  • Sanoll Dry Shampoo Nettle Horsetail, 50g


    “Shampoo” that is also a styling product!

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